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Don't EVER PM me just to rant about my art, im dead serious, i've literally had enough of people doing this.

if you are dissatisfied about my art in its current state, i highly encourage you to unwatch me, I AM NOT DRAWING FOR YOU SPECIFICALLY. if you continue to harass me i will add you to my continuously growing block list.

if you want the honest truth to why i'm not doing paleo as often as i used to, the art i did a year a go was during one of the worst times in my life thus far, i don't need to go into detail, but i was a complete mental wreak.
I wasn't really having any fun drawing most of it last year, it was all mostly peer pressure and to boost my ego within the community (obviously it worked). Rushing and pressuring me isn't going to make anything better.

the last digital art of a dinosaur i did was shit (the ice skating troodon). It was rushed, it wasn't well researched, and i was really sick and tired of looking at it the whole way through.

Is it THAT bad for me tho have interests outside of paleontology, honestly? A lot of my interests i've been mentioning have been interests that i had way longer than paleontology, I'm just now being more open about it, because I'm not being pressured.
I still love paleontology to absolute fucking bits, please don't make me hate it.

If this shit continues, i might as well just delete a majority of the paleo art i have on here (not like i've been tempted to for god knows how long), im getting sick of looking at it.

I already deleted several controversial submissions.Hide Under Rock 
Stolen from :iconsparkflyte: i just had to do it!


1. Pick one of your OCs
2. Fill in the question/statements as if you were that OC.
3. Tag four people to do this meme (idk who to tag but if you want to do it, just put my username somewhere i guess)

QUICKSILVER! (this is such an old pic omg)
Quicksilver by SinglespeedGryphon 

1. What is your name? 
Lenn...Lenn Quicksiver.

2. Do you know why you are named that?
My mom named me Lenn because i was a mommies boy *sigh*
Think its a Hens name but whatever.

3. Are you single or taken?
Single and ready to mingle. No, NOT WITH THAT KIND OF SINGLE

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I'm a pretty big, i guess I'm really strong?

5. Stop being Mary Sue.
Why not? I'm the best around. Get in my way and you're dead.

6. What's your eye color?
Red. No, its not that i'm "evil", it runs in the family.

7. How about hair color?
You mean crest? An iridescent black, chicks cant resist it, I'M A CHICK MAGNET!

8. Have any family members?
My ma, Marissa Quicksilver....and my dad....Foster Quicksilver...*sigh* i miss him...

9. Oh? How about pets?
I own a few stags back at the ranch, herd of cattle..

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Losing to Singlespeed

11. Do have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Besides racing in the FFRC, i'm living up to my dad's name by being a rancher.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way?
Pfffh yeah, if you get in my way. I crashed Singlespeed several time's but she definitely deserved it and i don't regret it.

13. Ever... killed anyone before?
No...But you can already guess who i want to kill.

14. What kind of animal are you?
Sub-arctic Eagledon Gryphon, a little bit of mixed blood.

15. Name your worst habits.
Letting Singlespeed get away with being a little prick.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
My Dad, and the FFRC racing legend Steve McLaren who got struck by lightning.

17. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?
Straighter than a lodge pole.

18. Do you go to school?
Did flight school, passed all lower tiers to get to Tier 1 in FFRC. 

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
Perhaps, i like kids but kids don't like me.

20. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
LOTS AND LOTS OF FANGIRLS! I've had several girlfriends...

21. What are you most afraid of?

22. What do you usually wear?
Er, nothing? I'll get painted up before i race but that's it. My feathers are quite long and shaggy though, so.

23. What's one food that tempts you?
Beef steaks

24. Am I annoying to you?
*cracks knuckles* Yes.

26. What class are you (low/middle/high)?
I'd say middle, I'm not rich but I'm not poor.

27. How many friends do you have?
Oh yes, right, friends!...There's umm....

28. What are your thoughts on pie?
It's good.

29. Favorite Drink?

30. What's your favorite place?
FlatGrass Flyway, easy, lots of good tailwind, lowlands, basins, one of my favorite places to race.

31. Are you interested in anyone?
.::Nervous Blush::.Urm...not really, not that you should be concerned about. 

*points to some random direction* "Singlespeed?!"

*looks in direction, nothing there*WHAT Whe-, i mean WHAT?! That little punk? why do you think i'd hook up with someone like that, like i mean, she has no qualities that i want out of a partner, plus that little cocky son of a bitch is always stealing my thunder, and first place from me! Like, what kind of animal would want someone like that *peers around nervously*Ooops-Silly Grin 

32. That was a stupid question.....
Yeah you should get out of here, now...

33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
 Lake, i know my dad and grandparents served in several over seas wars, but i hate the ocean and deep water...

34. What's your type?
Chicks that are always there i guess, I'm not picky.

35. Camping or outdoors?
Outdoors, i live it.

yes, my gryph OC Singlespeed, i have a little over 800 points to spend so, why not.
Looking for art that will fit for a background for a 1920x1080 monitor, just basically art of feral or Anthro speedy doing speed things, anything really.
If you're open for commissions, let me know!

Have some examples of Singlespeed
Let the passion ignite me by HunterStraitThe Final Stretch by HunterStrait

Anthro: (Shes a NASCAR driver and i have art of her car, though the only art i have of it is the old design and her as her car as a "Cars" kind of character, but its close enough i guess)
Watch out for Speedster McLeadster by HunterStrait
(just want to point this out just in case someone might do this, NO BREASTS! Shes pancake flat!)
Ok another poll, just wondering.

Been stuck in between these two names and probably gonna start using one of them for real real soon.

My knee is in ruins...

Drawing cars, anthropomorphic cars to be exact... (i cant stoooooopppp drawing them ok)
stolen from idk who

[ ] You are male.
[X] You would prefer being male. (I would have many more physical advantages i wish i had :( (Sad), think i would have a better excuse to act the way i do)  
[X] You don't wear makeup. (waste of time to me really, i prefer seeing people the way they really look, but if that's your thing, go right ahead)
[X] You love sports. (Motorpsorts ftw)
[ ] You play COD on XBOX LIVE.
[ ] You constantly make references to Family Guy, Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, etc. 
[ ] You enjoy UFC fighting. 
[/] You wanted to be a policeman/firefighter/soldier/ninja as a child.
[X] You like action anime/movies/games/comic books.
[X] You like violent music.
[/] You don't care how you smell. (just don't have i be too obvious)
[X] You look up to male role models.
[X] You can relate to guy logic. 
[X] You speak man, as in tools, cars, etc. 
[/] You like baggy clothes. (Clothes that fit comfortably and don't suffocate my crotch)
[X] You love memes.
[X] You like big dogs.
[ ] Fedoras are cool.
[/] You don't care about interior design, just that everything in your house works. (a good looking interior is a bonus)
[X] You don't care who sees you scratch yourself.
[/] You sit with your legs apart. (depending how im sitting)
[X] You don't understand women. (I don't think i ever have tbh)
[X] You rarely cry in front of people. (I absolutely hate crying) 
[X] You'll gladly open a can of whoop-ass on any douche who's asking for it. (I'll probably get my ass kicked anyways though)
[X] You like weaponry. Swords, guns, etc.
[X] You hold doors for women/disabled. (really i do it just to be nice no matter who the person is)
[/] You brag about how much you can bench. (its not impressive to the slightest lmao)
[ ] You have facial/chest hair. (i reallllly want facial hair)
[/] You aren't ashamed of your bromance. (sometimes i feel pretty gay)
Total: 19.5

Feminine Traits: 

[X] You are female.
[/] You would prefer being female. (There are some very specific things i like about it, everything else, not so much, and that's basically a 95% dislike ratio)
[ ] You like doing/having someone do your hair, nails, makeup, etc.
[ ] You wish you were thinner. (I think im fine, even though i am a lil bit chunky around the waist, not terrible though)
[/] You play Kingdom Hearts, Animal Crossing, or Harvest Moon. (Played animal crossing a long time ago)
[ ] You are always singing along with pop music, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, etc. 
[ ] You watch Glee, various Girl Power anime, or Jersey Shore, or anything on STYLE, WE TV, OWN, etc. (My brother watches these shows mad : I )
[ ] You wanted to be a princess/dancer/pop star/model/celebrity as a child.
[ ] You like fantasizing about the perfect romantic night out with your boyfriend/girlfriend. (ew romance)
[/] You like pop music, or anything happy and cute. (Lemaire)
[/] You are very self-conscious, and what some other bitch says about you could either make your day or bring your world crashing down around you. (height wise, yeah makes me feel like shit sometimes)
[/] You look up to female role models. (sure why not)
[ ] You can relate to other women.
[ ] You speak girl, as in makeup, hair, shoes, shopping, ect.
[ ] You like cute clothes.
[ ] You love a nicely laced corset. (the hell is a corset?)
[ ] You love to dye your hair.
[X] A tub of ice cream or a candy bar can fix everything.
[ ] Everything in your house is nicely arranged, and matches. (Nooooope!)
[ ] You worry you'll never settle down and have children. (Children scare me)
[/] You cross your legs and have good posture. (My posture is garbage)
[/] The male brain is a mystery. (How some dudes cant think twice before doing something stupid/regretful is beyond me, not like i've done the same once or twice)
[/] You don't mind letting your feelings out. (only when i need to)
[X] You're just waiting for the right person to sweep you off your feet. (some day maybe)
[/] You are extremely jealous, some bitch looks at your person and you'll rip her fucking eyes out with your bare hands. (If shes better at me in some sport then sure, come at me i dare you!)
[ ] One of the first things you want to know about a person is their astrology.
[ ] Happiness is a nice, long hot bath, with bubbles.
[ ] Once a month, you let your bitchiness take over. 
[X] You love cute little animals.
[/] You have a LOT of pillows on your bed. (like 4, scattered literally fuckin' everywhere)
Total: 9.5


inb4 born in the wrong body.Mhhmm - disappointed dad [Chat Icon] 
I have some time in between projects to do some small little doodles and i feel like drawing speedy a bit (yeah i tried it once but got caught up in other stuff but i can do it this time).
Ask away, up to two questions per deviant!

Also, just in case you want to ask Singlespeed specifically in her feral or anthro form just put (Feral) or (anthro) by the question, or don't if you want to ask them overall.

Singlespeed on the Speedway by HunterStrait<anthro Feral>Speedster by HunterStrait
Tagged by :icondarksideduck: and :iconforestwanderers:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.(frankly i don't like tagging people, I'm going to leave it up to you if you want to do it)
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars. 


1. Singlespeed's white chest and face design she has now was made on accident while working on this  Singlespeed NEW/FINAL DESIGN 2016 by HunterStrait, and i really liked it. the wing designs were just an added effect.

Singlespeed got into her career quite quickly, talking her only 7 months through Junior and senior training to move up to professional Free Flight racing, with the help of an old racer named accelerate, who singlespeed looked up to as a child, retired to let her in.

3. Throughout Singlespeed's career in FFRC, She developed serious arthritis in her wing joints, though it started as pain in her wings after every race for the first few years, it had gotten worse. by the time she was around 30 years old(Still quite young for a gryphon of he species), the last three years of her career(13 years), it had gotten so bad that it was slowing her down terribly and she was struggling, every wing beat was painful and grindy. In that year, Singlespeed was on a flyway she hadn't flown in a long time, the last 1000 yards was going around a cliff, where Singlespeed was last blown of course from an 80mph gust and into the cliff where she rolled down and into the canopy below.

Have a snippet of a little story i wrote a few months ago (year 8)
"You cant afford to get hurt anymore, one more crash, one more tumble like that and you won't be flying anymore." 

Singlespeed looked back at the nurse, a rock weighed down her crop. The nurse stepped up to Singlespeed, hesitated and sighed.

"Singlespeed, this is only your 8th year,'re wearing down."

Singlespeed squinted an eye. "How do you know?"

"Well, i felt your joints. especially your wing joints, and..They're very worn down."

"Cant i get that repaired?!"

"Its not easy Singlespeed, and this sport will only make it worse." She paused "And your feathers, some of them aren't growing in correctly anymore."

"Then what can i do?!" Singlespeed's voice echoed through the valley, her feathers puffed, making her appear twice her little size.

"Take it easier out there, if you push yourself too hard and have a bad fall again, you'll have to...."

"Don't mention that word" Singlespeed said sternly.

"I know you don't like that word, but its slowly becoming a reality, listen to me, the season is over, go home and recover."


This final time however, 5 years later, she had a few other Gryphons, gaining on her tail, already in immense pain, she could barely focus on anything else but keeping her lead, her wings locked up, and was blown off course by the wind, and into the cliff once again, only this time, a lot harder, tumbling down the face of the cliff. Unlike last time where she fell through the trees, she snagged up in the canopy, nearly ripping her wing off, and that spelled the end of her career, which was short lived. Others like Quicksilver held his career for a good 30 years.

(im running out of ideas already lol woops)

4. Singlespeed's name choice is obviously named after my love for biking and my favorite kind of bike (Gearless is the way to go.), also for my addiction to challenges and racing (unfortunately i haven't been in any club or sport besides cross country in relate to racing, which i failed at and had to quit miserably due to my shit knees), no matter what it is.

5.  Antho Singlespeed is a NASCAR driver, i don't know why exactly i chose that because i could've gone with something else, but i think it was because as a kid i absolutely loved hearing the roar of the engines (its very distinct), i would always hear on TV on a summer or spring day when i was out biking on the street and my dad was in the garage building cart engines while it played on the old TV hooked to the ceiling (ok Hunter this isn't 8 facts about you lmao).
But anyways, she's just like herself in FFRC, except on two legs, in a car.

Singlespeed went through three different sponsors, SPArk(oil company, Year 1-3) Redtail(auto repair, year 4), GreenWing Innovations inc. (founded by singlespeed, they make everything from bicycles to hand built cars 5-13) 

7. Singlespeed is infertile, i want to focus on her career path rather than her love life ok.

8. Singlespeed has a real name, wanna know it? its currently Jay Weatherby.
Pageviews by HunterStrait
I usually get an average of 30-50 page views per day, but i can't explain this at all.
Did i get featured somewhere? I didn't upload anything on that day and i didn't really get over the usual amount of watchers or favorites i gain per day.
yeehaw i stole it

-Did you get your heart broken? 

-Did you change at all this year?

-Did you dye your hair?
 Never have, but thought about it.

-Did you get your hair cut?
Yes, this year i went with that trendy haircut that everyone was getting, y' know, the shaved sides and the limp Mohawk? I decided to just trim it all down to an equal length, because i started looking like a clown.

-Did you change your style?
I cant name a day where i didn't wear a sleeveless T-shirt, my mom is sick of it lol.

-Did you get good grades?
No, i did terrible.

-Did you drive?
 Lost my "Drive" i had for it back in 2015 (i was supposed to be driving an old ford bronco but my dad got it for $100 and it ended up being shit) and I'm now just getting back into it since I'm now maturing backwards i guess.

-Did you move at all?
I haven't moved in all my 18 years, same house, same bedroom.

-Did you go on any vacations?
 Unless you include hunting trips, not really.

-Did you break up with anyone?
 Hell no i don't have the patience for that. 

-Did you meet anyone special?
Made a few  new friends

-Did you fall in love?
  Never have, i don't really care.     

-Did you get your heartbroken
  Why are you asking me this again.     

-Are you going into 2017 with a boyfriend/girlfriend
Jontron STOP 

-Did you meet any new friends this year?
 yes and they're exactly the kind of people i like to be around.  

-Did any of your friendships end?

-Did you dislike anyone?
   I can write a whole book of names of people i dislike (mostly at school)    

-Did you resolve any fights?
I rarely get into any fights.       

-Who was your closest friend?
  :mancry: Well...Was...      

-Did you grow apart from anyone?
 Family members, and still have been continuing to do so.       

-Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
  I can be a jerk at times.      

-Have you had your birthday yet?
  Yeahhhh but i don't celebrate it anymore.      

-Pulled an all nighter?
 Many times.       

-Drank Starbucks?
  To be honest, i never have had Starbucks. I'm serious. I'd rather brew it myself because i really don't like creamed coffee.     

-Bought something(s)?
 Steam games, thts about it       

-Met someone special who changed your life?

-What are you thinking about?
How i can spend the last few days before school starts and how i will catch up to all my failing classes.

-Would you get married if you could right now?
  No, i don't want to baby someone     

-How did you feel when you woke up today?
 Like usual, awake in bed until 6 in the morning and woke up at 12 PM       

-Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Too good.    

-Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?
 I've avoided doing so for my whole life       

-Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
 Short, and i mean really short, its easy to manage and it fits, my dad really hates it though.      

-Would you be able to tell someone you love them, even if you didn't feel it?
I don't feel romantic love ok.   

-Which of your friends do you argue with the most?

-How many texts are in your inbox
I don't text        

-Who was your last text message from?
 No one because i don't text       

-Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
 My brother and my parents       

-Who took your profile picture?
I did?        

-Would you rather smile over a lie or cry over the truth?
lie, i'm bad at it but, i don't cry openly.    

-Do you trust people too easily?
I'm too easily deceived     

-Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?
 I should be       

-Last thing you ate?
 Ice cream. Chocolate, ice cream.       

-How many people are you texting?

-Will you be in bed within twenty minutes?
  By 2AM i will.      

-What is the last non-alcoholic beverage you had?

Did your art get better or worse this year?
I feel like i started to cave off at the end of the year.   

Did you draw something you are really proud of?

Did you make any new friends?
 Of course.  

Did you buy a new character you love?
 I got a few but i haven't had the time to work with them, i do however have this really cool gryphon i bought, forgot who i got it from though.
Cerulean by HunterStrait

Did you confess to anyone?
 Kinda, but i keep a of stuff to myself.   

Did your relationship with your parents change?
 It went to ok to meh.   

Did you go anywhere new?
 Silverwood theme park   

Did you keep your new years' resolution?

Will you make a new years' resolution this year?
  Already did.     

Has your taste in music changed?
 Still into trap   

What's one lesson you learned this year? 
 You're not going to learn anything if you don't enjoy it.   

How far from home have you traveled this year?
160 miles        
Do you feel you've come closer to your goals?
my goals don't really go anywhere but keeping me fit.        

Has your self-esteem grown?

What is your best moment of 2016
2016 wasn't really that good of a year, i cant name one thing.        

What is a moment you want to forget?
 Too many to count.       

Do you feel much older this year?
I feel like i've aged backwards, i feel like a 14 year old boy, rather than an almost 18 year old person.        

What's your new year wish?
 get out of school i guess?       

What did you do for your birthday?

How did you dress for Halloween?
 Pretended to be a 12 year old kid in a werewolf costume for candy i ate up in 3 days.      

What color do you think of when you think over this year?
 Red, lots of bloodshed.       

Who has been your closest companion this year?
A friend i me tin metals class.            

How many animals have you pet this year?
 A lot like always.         

Sum up the year in four words?
 A pile of shit.       

What has been your most used emoji? 

What did you eat a lot of?"
 Frozen berries.       

What did you drink a lot of?
Tea, several gallons of it.        

Did you find a new aesthetic?
 Found new ways to look the way i want to with the clothing i have and hair styles.       

Have you changed your username?
 I want to.      

Has someone changed your opinion on something?
  Yes, i talk with a lot of paleo enthusiasts, so my mind changes all the time..      

Did you like the music in the charts this year?
 I don't listen to those     

Do you think this year was better or worse than last year.
 Worse, i was more positive in 2015.          

What are you most excited for next year?

The total eclipse of the sun that will be happening in my area in August.
Pixars Cars 3, i've been hyped ever since the teaser.     

And that's about it unfortunately.

When's the latest you've stayed up? 
 for a whole week in the summer i pulled off all nighters, biked at 5 in the morning, and went to bed at 10AM and woke around 4PM, i felt like crap during that time, but i enjoyed the morning rides.       

When's the earliest you've woken 
2 AM to go salmon fishing 
2016 was definitely a tough year for me, but probably the best year i've had for art and biking, though I'm too lazy to write a whole ton of stuff, here's just a list of my positives, negatives and resolutions.

Positives of 2016:

  • Grasped digital realism
  • Defined and redesigned my OC Singlespeed, both physically and personality wise.
  • Reached 2010.4 miles on my bike/s
  • Got a new/better bicycle for an early Christmas present.
Negatives of 2016
  • Lost my best friend to a fatal blood clot in January
  • 10 month long on and off cycle of depression(school)
  • Worsening Dysphoria (or the worse its ever been) 
  • Bad grades

My 2017 new years resolutions/hopes
  • Complete 2500-3000 miles on my bike before the end of 2017
  • Finally get a drivers licence, or at least start driving something with a steering wheel besides a golf cart.
  • Improve digital realism and general style.
  • Finally start going by my desired name by Senior year
  • ClosetArrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! Transgender Pride Flag 
from :iconsparkflyte:

• What is the name of your fursona?


• Where did the name of your Fursona come from?

Untitled by HunterStrait Dis bab, my old Singlespeed(gearless) bike, which i had to retire after i crashed it Sad dummy

• What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?

Gryphon, my own species, i guess since i call them Eagledons (false gryphons maybe? since they don't have any feline in them?).

• What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eye/ect

Brown body with a white underbelly, green crest and wing coverts with grey tips, primary and secondary wing feathers with some green markings.

• What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?

Singlespeed is pretty cocky, and a showoff, since shes trying to make up for her small size, unfortunately she just makes a fool out of herself.

How hers compares to mine? Meh, i'm a bit more laid back, but i do indeed really suffer from short person syndrome, so there's that.:p (Lick) 

• What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?
Not really anything lol

• What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?
"Can you take me for a ride?"

• What is one thing your fursona would say to you if they met you?
"Bitch no"

• How has your fursona changed over the years?

Her design has become more complex and more eye catching since January of 2015, so has her personality, which changed drastically earlier this year. She want from a perfect little flower to a troubled little parasite who struggles to fit in.

her changes from left to right
What. by HunterStraitI Got Busted...Again. by HunterStrait New Look, Same Singlespeed by HunterStrait Singlespeed headshot by HunterStrait Doves? What doves? by HunterStrait Infinity by HunterStraitchanges here Singlespeed NEW/FINAL DESIGN 2016 by HunterStrait Singlespeed- Deer are my second favorite. by HunterStrait Bid the forest floor goodbye by HunterStrait Speedpaint - Showoff by HunterStrait Whats wrong speedz? by SinglespeedGryphonqq wish i had more art of her showing her true character, but im too lazy and slow.

• How long have you had this fursona?
Almost 2 years

• Would you like to be more like your fursona?

If only i could be a gryphon, lol, but, yeah maybe a little, she has more confidence than i do and she's more open with her personality.
I'm jumping on the bandwagon ok, why not, i love art..

I'm not really looking for anything specific from any certain artist, i appreciate what I'm gifted no matter what it is for the upcoming secret Santa event.
Here are the characters i have the most up to date and completed designs so far if you plan to do it (they all have pretty much all the same anatomical features of their species).

singlespeed -Main OC, birdsona(lol)
Incomplete Character analysis

Gathel Haggard
Character analysis

Incomplete Character analysis
I want to know what you guys think of this controversial subject, pen raised pheasants. since i have had my experiences with both wild and pen pheasants, i want to stay as unbiased as possible and start an educated discussion.

So if you don't know what they're raised for, pen raised pheasants are raised specifically for recreational hunting and are bought and released on public land in the United States, owned by organisations such as Pheasants Forever, Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land Management, and many others. The pheasants are raised in large pens that cover several acres, sometimes with foliage for cover. These pens can hold several thousand pheasants at once.
As pheasant hunting season approaches, the pheasants(mostly male) are rounded up in boxes and released on public land for hunting.
The history of released pheasants dates back to the 1770's where pheasants were released in the state of new York, but were unsuccessful. it was not until 1891 when a population of pheasants were imported from eastern china and released in Willamette Valley in the state Oregon. Ringneck pheasants were released in many other states until populations were achieved.

So why do i want your opinion? Again i have hunted both wild and pen raised pheasants, each with their own pros and cons, even if you have never hunted in your life, your opinion matters, since i am very indifferent about the subject and want to know what people think.

So here are my pros and cons i made up myself that reflect some of my opinions. some of these ideas were taken from both Animal-rights and pro-Hunting articles.

Pros: Yes, Pen raised pheasants should be released because;
- Eases hunting pressure on wild populations of pheasants and other game birds.
- Educates and encourages Youth hunters.
- May restore Wild pheasant populations, whether pen raised birds are introduced or not.
- Easier for hunters 65+ and disabled hunters to hunt.
- Provides for predator populations (coyotes, mink, hawks, etc)

Cons: No, Pen raised pheasants should not be released because;
Pen raised pheasants have a high mortality rate
- Ringneck pheasants are nonnative, therefore, they should not be released.
- May spread disease 
- Lack the skills to survive
- The birds are already adjusted to humans, therefore are easy to find and approach

Please take the strawpoll here
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Been busting my ass all year long to make it to 2000 miles but i just came a little under 300 miles short.
Something's been up with it that broke two brand new chains, so, its done.

so i did 1728.3 miles out of 2000 miles i needed, i guess next year i'll have to add an extra 500 miles.

But, the distance i went is from Seattle Washington, to Chicago Illinois all on a Singlespeed bike.
So hopefully my new bike will come soon, if not i'll be suffering for the next few weeks.
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Making this journal to keep track as i go along, hopefully it won't be a failure like last year, OR INTERVENE WITH MY COMMISSIONS, GASP, O SHIT.

So here's de list, all are going to be done in pen(crosshatching, etc), maybe with color, idk. *Maniacal laughter*

1. Excessive Gashes/Lacerations
Gore/Inktober- Day 1 Lacerations by HunterStrait

2. Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc

3. Surgery

4. Torture

5. Amputation

6. Cannibalism

7. Gut Spill

8. Ritualistic Sacrifice

9. Monster Form
Gore/Inktober- Day 9 Monster Form by HunterStrait

10. Blood Bath
Gore/Inktober- Day 10 Blood Bath by HunterStrait

11. Skewered

12. Fire/Explosion Damage

13. Decay

14. Plant growth in body

15. Emaciation

16. Painful Transformation

17. Backstabbed (literally or figuratively)

18. Acid burn
Gore/Inktober- Day 18 Acid burn by HunterStrait

19. Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics
Gore/Inktober- Day 19 Prosthetics by HunterStrait

20. Parasite

21. Manslaughter/Serial Killer
22. Animal/beast wounds
23. Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury
24. Post-Mortem examination
25. Skeletal/Bones showing
26. Crushed
27. Possession/Corruption
28. Sickness
29. Distorted Body/Broken Bone
30. Stitching
31.Any of the two above combined.
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Excuse me if there are any problems with the group, everything will be settled in soon enough.
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Please note me within ten days of what you want drawn for each prize!

All art will be done in between projects within the coming months!

First place!
  • Fullbody realistic drawing of chosen animal/oc
  • Partial body/headshot of chosen animal, realistic, no background
  • Full or partial traditional drawing of chosen animal/oc.
  • Animated 500x500 Pixel (with basic chosen animations)

Second place!
  • Partial body/headshot of chosen animal, realistic, no background
  • Animated Pixel 500x500(limited animations)
  • Full or partial traditional drawing of chosen animal/oc.

Third place!
*Original winner wanted to give their place to someone who wanted it, so i did another drawing with the people who didn't get drawn.*

  • Pixel 500x500(one or no animation)
  • Full or partial traditional drawing of chosen animal/oc.

Thank you to everyone who participated!
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So dove season started today, i went out for an afternoon hunt with my dad on some land we've been hunting on for several years. We just finished our limit and were counting our birds on the side of this gravel road, and a Sheriff and a Game Warden rolled up and told us we couldn't hunt here...
Okay so, all these years of hunting on this land (shotguns loud enough to be heard from the dam nearby), had no issues, not even with a Game Warden before that, who even told us we were alright hunting on that part of land a year ago, suddenly we're not allowed anymore, or has it been closed to hunting for all these years? Because for as long as i've been hunting in this area, i have always heard people shooting shotguns there.
And yes, there were no "No-Hunting" signs anywhere. 
So, the Sheriff recorded our info, and let us off the hook, we just cant hunt the place again.
Honestly when i saw them pull up, i though we were screwed either way, getting a possible bad record on our licences, having to turn in our birds, or getting a huge fine.
Its likely we'll get a phone call tomorrow about it.

All in all we've always hunted by the rules.
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